Anope IRC Services  Version 1.8
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process.c File Reference
#include "services.h"
#include "messages.h"
#include "modules.h"
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void add_ignore (const char *nick, time_t delta)
IgnoreDataget_ignore (const char *nick)
int delete_ignore (const char *nick)
int clear_ignores ()
int split_buf (char *buf, char ***argv, int colon_special)
void process ()


int allow_ignore = 1

Function Documentation

void add_ignore ( const char *  nick,
time_t  delta 

Add a mask/nick to the ignorelits for delta seconds.

nickNick or (nick!)user to add to the ignorelist.
deltaSeconds untill new entry is set to expire. 0 for permanent.

Definition at line 33 of file process.c.

References alog(), BUFSIZE, debug, finduser(), user_::host, ignore, ignore_data::mask, ignore_data::next, ignore_data::prev, scalloc(), snprintf(), sstrdup(), stricmp(), and ignore_data::time.

Referenced by do_ignoreuser(), and m_privmsg().

int clear_ignores ( )

Clear the ignorelist.

The number of entries deleted.

Definition at line 241 of file process.c.

References alog(), debug, ignore_data::mask, and ignore_data::next.

Referenced by do_ignoreuser().

int delete_ignore ( const char *  nick)

Deletes a given nick/mask from the ignorelist.

nickNick or (nick!)user to delete from the ignorelist.
Returns 1 on success, 0 if no entry is found.

Definition at line 179 of file process.c.

References alog(), BUFSIZE, debug, finduser(), user_::host, ignore_data::mask, ignore_data::next, ignore_data::prev, snprintf(), and stricmp().

Referenced by do_ignoreuser().

IgnoreData* get_ignore ( const char *  nick)

Retrieve an ignorance record for a nick or mask. If the nick isn't being ignored, we return NULL and if necesary flush the record from the ignore list (i.e. ignore timed out).

nickNick or (nick!)user to look for on the ignorelist.
Pointer to the ignore record, NULL if none was found.

Definition at line 106 of file process.c.

References allow_ignore, alog(), BUFSIZE, debug, finduser(), is_oper(), ignore_data::mask, match_usermask_full(), match_wild_nocase(), ignore_data::next, ignore_data::prev, snprintf(), and ignore_data::time.

Referenced by botchanmsgs(), chan_adduser2(), chan_set_correct_modes(), m_privmsg(), and memo_send_from().

void process ( void  )
int split_buf ( char *  buf,
char ***  argv,
int  colon_special 

Variable Documentation

int allow_ignore = 1

Definition at line 21 of file process.c.

Referenced by get_ignore().

IgnoreData* ignore

Definition at line 24 of file process.c.

Referenced by add_ignore().