Anope IRC Services  Version 1.8
ns_group.c File Reference
#include "module.h"
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static int do_group (User *u)
static void myNickServHelp (User *u)
static int do_glist (User *u)
static int do_listlinks (User *u)
NickAliasmakealias (const char *nick, NickCore *nc)
static int do_link (User *u)
int AnopeInit (int argc, char **argv)
void AnopeFini (void)

Function Documentation

void AnopeFini ( void  )

Unload the module

Definition at line 64 of file ns_group.c.

int AnopeInit ( int  argc,
char **  argv 

Create the command, and tell anope about it.

argcArgument count
argvArgument list
MOD_CONT to allow the module, MOD_STOP to stop it

Definition at line 33 of file ns_group.c.

References c, CORE, createCommand(), do_glist(), do_group(), do_link(), do_listlinks(), MOD_CONT, MOD_UNIQUE, moduleAddAuthor(), moduleAddCommand(), moduleAddVersion(), moduleSetNickHelp(), moduleSetType(), myNickServHelp(), and NICKSERV.

static int do_glist ( User u)
static int do_group ( User u)

The /ns group command.

uThe user who issued the command
MOD_CONTto continue processing other modules, MOD_STOP to stop processing.

Definition at line 88 of file ns_group.c.

References ircdvars_::adminmodeonid, nickcore_::aliases, alog(), anope_valid_nick(), bad_password(), check_memos(), checkDefCon(), common_get_vhost(), common_get_vident(), common_svsmode(), slist_::count, DEFCON_NO_NEW_NICKS, delnick(), nickcore_::display, nickcore_::email, enc_check_password(), EVENT_GROUP, findnick(), findrequestnick(), nickcore_::flags, user_::host, ircd, is_oper(), is_services_admin(), is_services_oper(), is_services_root(), nickalias_::last_realname, nickalias_::last_seen, nickalias_::last_usermask, user_::lastnickreg, slist_::list, makealias(), MOD_CONT, ircdvars_::modeonreg, user_::na, nickalias_::nc, NI_SERVICES_ROOT, NI_SUSPENDED, nickalias_::nick, user_::nick, nick_identified(), nick_is_services_admin(), notice_lang(), NS_IDENTIFIED, NS_RECOGNIZED, NS_VERBOTEN, NSEmailReg, NSGuestNickPrefix, NSMaxAliases, NSNickTracking, NSNoGroupChange, NSRegDelay, nsStartNickTracking(), ircdvars_::opermodeonid, nickcore_::pass, rdb_close(), rdb_open(), rdb_save_ns_alias(), readonly, user_::realname, RestrictOperNicks, ircdvars_::rootmodeonid, RootNumber, s_NickServ, scalloc(), send_event(), servadmins, ServicesRoots, servopers, snprintf(), sstrdup(), nickalias_::status, stricmp(), stristr(), strspn(), syntax_error(), nickalias_::time_registered, user_::timestamp, ircdvars_::tsonmode, nickalias_::u, and user_::username.

Referenced by AnopeInit().

static int do_link ( User u)

Definition at line 284 of file ns_group.c.

References MOD_CONT, notice_lang(), and s_NickServ.

Referenced by AnopeInit().

static int do_listlinks ( User u)

Definition at line 341 of file ns_group.c.

References MOD_CONT, notice_lang(), and s_NickServ.

Referenced by AnopeInit().

NickAlias * makealias ( const char *  nick,
NickCore nc 
static void myNickServHelp ( User u)

Add the help response to anopes /ns help output.

uThe user who is requesting help

Definition at line 75 of file ns_group.c.

References notice_lang(), and s_NickServ.

Referenced by AnopeInit().