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language.c File Reference
#include "services.h"
#include "language.h"
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static int read_int32 (int32 *ptr, FILE *f)
static void load_lang (int index, const char *filename)
void lang_sanitize ()
void lang_init ()
int strftime_lang (char *buf, int size, User *u, int format, struct tm *tm)
void syntax_error (char *service, User *u, const char *command, int msgnum)


char ** langtexts [NUM_LANGS]
char * langnames [NUM_LANGS]
int langlist [NUM_LANGS]
static int langorder [NUM_LANGS]

Function Documentation

void lang_init ( void  )
void lang_sanitize ( )

Definition at line 153 of file language.c.

References langtexts, NUM_LANGS, sstrdup(), strnrepl(), strscpy(), and UseStrictPrivMsg.

Referenced by lang_init().

static void load_lang ( int  index,
const char *  filename 

Definition at line 65 of file language.c.

References alog(), debug, langtexts, log_perror(), read_int32(), scalloc(), and snprintf().

Referenced by lang_init().

static int read_int32 ( int32 ptr,
FILE *  f 

Definition at line 53 of file language.c.

References c.

Referenced by load_lang().

int strftime_lang ( char *  buf,
int  size,
User u,
int  format,
struct tm *  tm 
void syntax_error ( char *  service,
User u,
const char *  command,
int  msgnum 

Definition at line 295 of file language.c.

References getstring, user_::na, and notice_lang().

Referenced by do_access(), do_act(), do_admin(), do_akick(), do_akill(), do_assign(), do_badwords(), do_bot(), do_cancel(), do_chankill(), do_clear(), do_clearmodes(), do_cs_topic(), do_defcon(), do_del(), do_delall(), do_drop(), do_exception(), do_forbid(), do_getemail(), do_getkey(), do_getpass(), do_ghost(), do_global(), do_group(), do_identify(), do_ignoreuser(), do_info(), do_invite(), do_jupe(), do_kickcmd(), do_levels(), do_list(), do_logout(), do_memocheck(), do_modinfo(), do_modload(), do_modunload(), do_news(), do_news_add(), do_news_del(), do_noop(), do_oper(), do_operoline(), do_operumodes(), do_os_kick(), do_os_mode(), do_raw(), do_read(), do_recover(), do_register(), do_release(), do_rsend(), do_saset(), do_saset_autoop(), do_saset_hide(), do_saset_kill(), do_saset_language(), do_saset_msg(), do_saset_noexpire(), do_saset_private(), do_saset_secure(), do_say(), do_sendall(), do_sendpass(), do_session(), do_set(), do_set_autoop(), do_set_hide(), do_set_keeptopic(), do_set_kill(), do_set_language(), do_set_limit(), do_set_msg(), do_set_noexpire(), do_set_notify(), do_set_opnotice(), do_set_peace(), do_set_private(), do_set_restricted(), do_set_secure(), do_set_securefounder(), do_set_secureops(), do_set_signkick(), do_set_topiclock(), do_set_xop(), do_setall(), do_sgline(), do_sqline(), do_staff(), do_suspend(), do_svsnick(), do_szline(), do_unassign(), do_unban(), do_unsuspend(), do_xop(), memo_send_from(), and myDoSet().

Variable Documentation

int langlist[NUM_LANGS]

Definition at line 26 of file language.c.

Referenced by lang_init().

char* langnames[NUM_LANGS]

Definition at line 23 of file language.c.

Referenced by lang_init().

int langorder[NUM_LANGS]
Initial value:
= {
#define LANG_TR
Definition: services.h:1322
#define LANG_JA_EUC
Definition: services.h:1317
#define LANG_DE
Definition: services.h:1324
#define LANG_JA_JIS
Definition: services.h:1316
#define LANG_ES
Definition: services.h:1319
#define LANG_RU
Definition: services.h:1328
#define LANG_NL
Definition: services.h:1327
#define LANG_PL
Definition: services.h:1330
#define LANG_FR
Definition: services.h:1321
#define LANG_IT
Definition: services.h:1323
#define LANG_JA_UTF8
Definition: services.h:1331
#define LANG_CAT
Definition: services.h:1325
#define LANG_GR
Definition: services.h:1326
#define LANG_EN_US
Definition: services.h:1315
#define LANG_HUN
Definition: services.h:1329
#define LANG_JA_SJIS
Definition: services.h:1318
#define LANG_PT
Definition: services.h:1320

Definition at line 29 of file language.c.

Referenced by lang_init().

char** langtexts[NUM_LANGS]

Definition at line 20 of file language.c.

Referenced by lang_init(), lang_sanitize(), load_lang(), and strftime_lang().