Anope IRC Services  Version 1.8
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nickserv.c File Reference
#include "services.h"
#include "pseudo.h"
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Data Structures

struct  my_timeout


#define HASH(nick)   ((tolower((nick)[0])&31)<<5 | (tolower((nick)[1])&31))
#define TO_COLLIDE   0 /* Collide the user with this nick */
#define TO_RELEASE   1 /* Release a collided nick */
#define SAFE(x)
#define SAFE(x)


static void add_ns_timeout (NickAlias *na, int type, time_t delay)
void moduleAddNickServCmds (void)
void listnicks (int count_only, const char *nick)
void get_aliases_stats (long *nrec, long *memuse)
void get_core_stats (long *nrec, long *memuse)
void ns_init (void)
void nickserv (User *u, char *buf)
void load_old_ns_dbase (void)
void load_ns_req_db (void)
void load_ns_dbase (void)
void save_ns_dbase (void)
void save_ns_req_dbase (void)
void save_ns_rdb_dbase (void)
void save_ns_req_rdb_dbase (void)
int validate_user (User *u)
void cancel_user (User *u)
int nick_identified (User *u)
int nick_recognized (User *u)
int group_identified (User *u, NickCore *nc)
void expire_nicks ()
void expire_requests ()
NickRequestfindrequestnick (const char *nick)
NickAliasfindnick (const char *nick)
NickCorefindcore (const char *nick)
int is_on_access (User *u, NickCore *nc)
void alpha_insert_alias (NickAlias *na)
void insert_core (NickCore *nc)
void insert_requestnick (NickRequest *nr)
void change_core_display (NickCore *nc, char *newdisplay)
static int delcore (NickCore *nc)
int delnickrequest (NickRequest *nr)
int delnick (NickAlias *na)
void collide (NickAlias *na, int from_timeout)
void release (NickAlias *na, int from_timeout)
static void rem_ns_timeout (NickAlias *na, int type)
static void timeout_collide (Timeout *t)
static void timeout_release (Timeout *t)
void del_ns_timeout (NickAlias *na, int type)
void clean_ns_timeouts (NickAlias *na)
int should_mode_change (int16 status, int16 mode)
int do_setmodes (User *u)
void nsStartNickTracking (User *u)
void nsStopNickTracking (User *u)
int nsCheckNickTracking (User *u)


NickAliasnalists [1024]
NickCorenclists [1024]
NickRequestnrlists [1024]
unsigned int guestnum
static struct my_timeoutmy_timeouts

Macro Definition Documentation

#define HASH (   nick)    ((tolower((nick)[0])&31)<<5 | (tolower((nick)[1])&31))
#define SAFE (   x)
do { \
if ((x) < 0) { \
if (!forceload) \
fatal("Read error on %s", NickDBName); \
failed = 1; \
break; \
} \
} while (0)
E char * NickDBName
Definition: extern.h:332
E void E void E void fatal(const char *fmt,...) FORMAT(printf
E int forceload
Definition: extern.h:780

Definition at line 753 of file nickserv.c.

Referenced by load_ns_dbase(), load_ns_req_db(), load_old_ns_dbase(), save_ns_dbase(), and save_ns_req_dbase().

#define SAFE (   x)
do { \
if ((x) < 0) { \
log_perror("Write error on %s", NickDBName); \
if (time(NULL) - lastwarn > WarningTimeout) { \
anope_cmd_global(NULL, "Write error on %s: %s", NickDBName, \
strerror(errno)); \
lastwarn = time(NULL); \
} \
return; \
} \
} while (0)
E int WarningTimeout
Definition: extern.h:347
E char * NickDBName
Definition: extern.h:332
E void restore_db(dbFILE *f)
Definition: datafiles.c:318
E char * strerror(int errnum)
Definition: compat.c:123
static time_t lastwarn
Definition: datafiles.c:19
E void E void log_perror(const char *fmt,...) FORMAT(printf
E void anope_cmd_global(char *source, const char *fmt,...)
Definition: ircd.c:506

Definition at line 753 of file nickserv.c.

#define TO_COLLIDE   0 /* Collide the user with this nick */

Definition at line 28 of file nickserv.c.

Referenced by add_ns_timeout(), cancel_user(), collide(), timeout_collide(), and validate_user().

#define TO_RELEASE   1 /* Release a collided nick */

Definition at line 29 of file nickserv.c.

Referenced by add_ns_timeout(), cancel_user(), clean_ns_timeouts(), release(), and timeout_release().

Function Documentation

static void add_ns_timeout ( NickAlias na,
int  type,
time_t  delay 
void alpha_insert_alias ( NickAlias na)
void cancel_user ( User u)
void change_core_display ( NickCore nc,
char *  newdisplay 
void clean_ns_timeouts ( NickAlias na)
void collide ( NickAlias na,
int  from_timeout 
void del_ns_timeout ( NickAlias na,
int  type 
static int delcore ( NickCore nc)
int delnick ( NickAlias na)
int delnickrequest ( NickRequest nr)
int do_setmodes ( User u)

Definition at line 1940 of file nickserv.c.

References c, chan_set_correct_modes(), user_::chans, MOD_CONT, and user_::u_chanlist::next.

Referenced by do_identify(), and do_nickupdate().

void expire_nicks ( void  )
void expire_requests ( void  )
NickCore* findcore ( const char *  nick)
NickAlias* findnick ( const char *  nick)

Definition at line 1239 of file nickserv.c.

References alog(), debug, HASH, nickalias_::next, nickalias_::nick, and stricmp().

Referenced by listnicks(), and load_old_ns_dbase().

NickRequest* findrequestnick ( const char *  nick)
void get_aliases_stats ( long *  nrec,
long *  memuse 
void get_core_stats ( long *  nrec,
long *  memuse 
int group_identified ( User u,
NickCore nc 

Definition at line 1151 of file nickserv.c.

References user_::na, nickalias_::nc, and nick_identified().

Referenced by do_ghost(), do_recover(), and do_release().

void insert_core ( NickCore nc)
void insert_requestnick ( NickRequest nr)
int is_on_access ( User u,
NickCore nc 
void listnicks ( int  count_only,
const char *  nick 
void load_ns_dbase ( void  )
void load_ns_req_db ( void  )
void load_old_ns_dbase ( void  )
void moduleAddNickServCmds ( void  )

Definition at line 37 of file nickserv.c.

References modules_core_init(), NickServCoreModules, and NickServCoreNumber.

Referenced by ns_init().

int nick_identified ( User u)
int nick_recognized ( User u)
void nickserv ( User u,
char *  buf 

Definition at line 244 of file nickserv.c.

References anope_cmd_ctcp(), mod_run_cmd(), user_::nick, NICKSERV, notice_lang(), s_NickServ, skeleton, and stricmp().

Referenced by m_privmsg().

void ns_init ( void  )

Definition at line 232 of file nickserv.c.

References guestnum, and moduleAddNickServCmds().

Referenced by init_secondary().

int nsCheckNickTracking ( User u)

Boolean function to check if the user requesting a nick has the tracking signature of that core in its structure.

uThe user whom to check tracking for

Definition at line 1998 of file nickserv.c.

References nickcore_::display, user_::na, nickalias_::nc, nickalias_::nick, user_::nickTrack, NS_VERBOTEN, and nickalias_::status.

Referenced by do_nick().

void nsStartNickTracking ( User u)

Start Nick tracking and store the nick core display under the user struct.

uThe user to track nicks for

Definition at line 1962 of file nickserv.c.

References nickcore_::display, user_::na, nickalias_::nc, nick_identified(), user_::nickTrack, and sstrdup().

Referenced by anope_event_encap(), anope_event_metadata(), do_confirm(), do_group(), do_identify(), do_nick(), do_saset_display(), and do_set_display().

void nsStopNickTracking ( User u)

Stop Nick tracking and remove the nick core display under the user struct.

uThe user to stop tracking for

Definition at line 1984 of file nickserv.c.

References user_::nickTrack.

Referenced by do_logout().

void release ( NickAlias na,
int  from_timeout 
static void rem_ns_timeout ( NickAlias na,
int  type 
void save_ns_dbase ( void  )
void save_ns_rdb_dbase ( void  )
void save_ns_req_dbase ( void  )
void save_ns_req_rdb_dbase ( void  )
int should_mode_change ( int16  status,
int16  mode 
static void timeout_collide ( Timeout t)
static void timeout_release ( Timeout t)

Definition at line 1780 of file nickserv.c.

References timeout_::data, my_timeout::na, release(), rem_ns_timeout(), and TO_RELEASE.

Referenced by add_ns_timeout().

int validate_user ( User u)

Variable Documentation

unsigned int guestnum

Definition at line 26 of file nickserv.c.

Referenced by ns_init().

struct my_timeout * my_timeouts
NickAlias* nalists[1024]

Definition at line 22 of file nickserv.c.

NickCore* nclists[1024]

Definition at line 23 of file nickserv.c.

NickRequest* nrlists[1024]

Definition at line 24 of file nickserv.c.