Anope IRC Services  Version 1.8
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1 /* SolidIRCD functions
2  *
3  * (C) 2003-2014 Anope Team
4  * Contact us at
5  *
6  * Please read COPYING and README for further details.
7  *
8  * Based on the original code of Epona by Lara.
9  * Based on the original code of Services by Andy Church.
10  *
11  *
12  */
14 /*************************************************************************/
16 #define UMODE_a 0x00000001 /* umode +a - Services Admin */
17 #define UMODE_h 0x00000002 /* umode +h - Helper */
18 #define UMODE_i 0x00000004 /* umode +i - Invisible */
19 #define UMODE_o 0x00000008 /* umode +o - Oper */
20 #define UMODE_r 0x00000010 /* umode +r - registered nick */
21 #define UMODE_w 0x00000020 /* umode +w - Get wallops */
22 #define UMODE_A 0x00000040 /* umode +A - Server Admin */
23 #define UMODE_x 0x00000080 /* umode +x - Squelch with notice */
24 #define UMODE_X 0x00000100 /* umode +X - Squelch without notice */
25 #define UMODE_F 0x00000200 /* umode +F - no cptr->since message rate throttle */
26 #define UMODE_j 0x00000400 /* umode +j - client rejection notices */
27 #define UMODE_K 0x00000800 /* umode +K - U: lined server kill messages */
28 #define UMODE_O 0x00001000 /* umode +O - Local Oper */
29 #define UMODE_s 0x00002000 /* umode +s - Server notices */
30 #define UMODE_c 0x00004000 /* umode +c - Client connections/exits */
31 #define UMODE_k 0x00008000 /* umode +k - Server kill messages */
32 #define UMODE_f 0x00010000 /* umode +f - Server flood messages */
33 #define UMODE_y 0x00020000 /* umode +y - Stats/links */
34 #define UMODE_d 0x00040000 /* umode +d - Debug info */
35 #define UMODE_g 0x00080000 /* umode +g - Globops */
36 #define UMODE_b 0x00100000 /* umode +b - Chatops */
37 #define UMODE_n 0x00200000 /* umode +n - Routing Notices */
38 #define UMODE_m 0x00400000 /* umode +m - spambot notices */
39 #define UMODE_e 0x00800000 /* umode +e - oper notices for the above +D */
40 #define UMODE_D 0x01000000 /* umode +D - Hidden dccallow umode */
41 #define UMODE_I 0x02000000 /* umode +I - invisible oper (masked) */
42 #define UMODE_C 0x04000000 /* umode +C - conops */
43 #define UMODE_v 0x10000000 /* umode +v - hostmasking */
44 #define UMODE_H 0x20000000 /* umode +H - Oper Hiding */
45 #define UMODE_z 0x40000000 /* umode +z - SSL */
46 #define UMODE_R 0x80000000 /* umode +R - No non registered msgs */
48 #define CMODE_i 0x00000001
49 #define CMODE_m 0x00000002
50 #define CMODE_n 0x00000004
51 #define CMODE_p 0x00000008
52 #define CMODE_s 0x00000010
53 #define CMODE_t 0x00000020
54 #define CMODE_k 0x00000040 /* These two used only by ChanServ */
55 #define CMODE_l 0x00000080
56 #define CMODE_R 0x00000100 /* Only identified users can join */
57 #define CMODE_r 0x00000200 /* Set for all registered channels */
58 #define CMODE_c 0x00000400 /* Colors can't be used */
59 #define CMODE_M 0x00000800 /* Non-regged nicks can't send messages */
60 #define CMODE_j 0x00001000 /* join throttle */
61 #define CMODE_S 0x00002000 /* SSL only */
62 #define CMODE_N 0x00004000 /* No Nickname change */
63 #define CMODE_O 0x00008000 /* Only opers can join */
68 void solidircd_set_umode(User * user, int ac, char **av);
69 void solidircd_cmd_svsnoop(char *server, int set);
70 void solidircd_cmd_remove_akill(char *user, char *host);
71 void solidircd_cmd_topic(char *whosets, char *chan, char *whosetit, char *topic, time_t when);
73 void solidircd_cmd_akill(char *user, char *host, char *who, time_t when,time_t expires, char *reason);
74 void solidircd_cmd_svskill(char *source, char *user, char *buf);
75 void solidircd_cmd_svsmode(User * u, int ac, char **av);
76 void solidircd_cmd_372(char *source, char *msg);
77 void solidircd_cmd_372_error(char *source);
78 void solidircd_cmd_375(char *source);
79 void solidircd_cmd_376(char *source);
80 void solidircd_cmd_nick(char *nick, char *name, char *modes);
81 void solidircd_cmd_guest_nick(char *nick, char *user, char *host, char *real, char *modes);
82 void solidircd_cmd_mode(char *source, char *dest, char *buf);
83 void solidircd_cmd_bot_nick(char *nick, char *user, char *host, char *real, char *modes);
84 void solidircd_cmd_kick(char *source, char *chan, char *user, char *buf);
85 void solidircd_cmd_notice_ops(char *source, char *dest, char *buf);
86 void solidircd_cmd_notice(char *source, char *dest, char *buf);
87 void solidircd_cmd_notice2(char *source, char *dest, char *msg);
88 void solidircd_cmd_privmsg(char *source, char *dest, char *buf);
89 void solidircd_cmd_privmsg2(char *source, char *dest, char *msg);
90 void solidircd_cmd_serv_notice(char *source, char *dest, char *msg);
91 void solidircd_cmd_serv_privmsg(char *source, char *dest, char *msg);
92 void solidircd_cmd_bot_chan_mode(char *nick, char *chan);
93 void solidircd_cmd_351(char *source);
94 void solidircd_cmd_quit(char *source, char *buf);
95 void solidircd_cmd_pong(char *servname, char *who);
96 void solidircd_cmd_join(char *user, char *channel, time_t chantime);
97 void solidircd_cmd_unsqline(char *user);
98 void solidircd_cmd_invite(char *source, char *chan, char *nick);
99 void solidircd_cmd_part(char *nick, char *chan, char *buf);
100 void solidircd_cmd_391(char *source, char *timestr);
101 void solidircd_cmd_250(char *buf);
102 void solidircd_cmd_307(char *buf);
103 void solidircd_cmd_311(char *buf);
104 void solidircd_cmd_312(char *buf);
105 void solidircd_cmd_317(char *buf);
106 void solidircd_cmd_219(char *source, char *letter);
107 void solidircd_cmd_401(char *source, char *who);
108 void solidircd_cmd_318(char *source, char *who);
109 void solidircd_cmd_242(char *buf);
110 void solidircd_cmd_243(char *buf);
111 void solidircd_cmd_211(char *buf);
112 void solidircd_cmd_global(char *source, char *buf);
113 void solidircd_cmd_global_legacy(char *source, char *fmt);
114 void solidircd_cmd_sqline(char *mask, char *reason);
115 void solidircd_cmd_squit(char *servname, char *message);
116 void solidircd_cmd_svso(char *source, char *nick, char *flag);
117 void solidircd_cmd_chg_nick(char *oldnick, char *newnick);
118 void solidircd_cmd_svsnick(char *source, char *guest, time_t when);
119 void solidircd_cmd_vhost_on(char *nick, char *vIdent, char *vhost);
121 void solidircd_cmd_bob();
122 void solidircd_cmd_svshold(char *nick);
123 void solidircd_cmd_release_svshold(char *nick);
124 void solidircd_cmd_unsgline(char *mask);
125 void solidircd_cmd_unszline(char *mask);
126 void solidircd_cmd_szline(char *mask, char *reason, char *whom);
127 void solidircd_cmd_sgline(char *mask, char *reason);
128 void solidircd_cmd_unban(char *name, char *nick);
129 void solidircd_cmd_svsmode_chan(char *name, char *mode, char *nick);
130 void solidircd_cmd_svid_umode(char *nick, time_t ts);
131 void solidircd_cmd_nc_change(User * u);
132 void solidircd_cmd_svid_umode2(User * u, char *ts);
133 void solidircd_cmd_svid_umode3(User * u, char *ts);
134 void solidircd_cmd_eob();
135 int solidircd_flood_mode_check(char *value);
136 void solidircd_cmd_jupe(char *jserver, char *who, char *reason);
137 int solidircd_valid_nick(char *nick);
138 void solidircd_cmd_ctcp(char *source, char *dest, char *buf);
void solidircd_cmd_privmsg(char *source, char *dest, char *buf)
Definition: solidircd.c:1090
void solidircd_cmd_372(char *source, char *msg)
Definition: solidircd.c:1265
void solidircd_cmd_notice2(char *source, char *dest, char *msg)
Definition: solidircd.c:1085
void solidircd_cmd_401(char *source, char *who)
Definition: solidircd.c:1199
void solidircd_cmd_312(char *buf)
Definition: solidircd.c:1164
void solidircd_cmd_nc_change(User *u)
Definition: solidircd.c:1401
void solidircd_cmd_svskill(char *source, char *user, char *buf)
Definition: solidircd.c:842
void solidircd_cmd_bob()
void solidircd_cmd_topic(char *whosets, char *chan, char *whosetit, char *topic, time_t when)
Definition: solidircd.c:799
void solidircd_cmd_connect(int servernum)
Definition: solidircd.c:921
void solidircd_set_umode(User *user, int ac, char **av)
Definition: solidircd.c:154
void solidircd_cmd_unsgline(char *mask)
Definition: solidircd.c:744
void solidircd_cmd_svsnoop(char *server, int set)
Definition: solidircd.c:762
void solidircd_cmd_bot_chan_mode(char *nick, char *chan)
Definition: solidircd.c:535
void solidircd_cmd_szline(char *mask, char *reason, char *whom)
Definition: solidircd.c:756
void solidircd_cmd_serv_notice(char *source, char *dest, char *msg)
Definition: solidircd.c:1104
void solidircd_cmd_bot_nick(char *nick, char *user, char *host, char *real, char *modes)
Definition: solidircd.c:1334
void solidircd_cmd_eob()
Definition: solidircd.c:1478
void solidircd_cmd_372_error(char *source)
Definition: solidircd.c:1270
int solidircd_flood_mode_check(char *value)
Definition: solidircd.c:1521
void solidircd_cmd_243(char *buf)
Definition: solidircd.c:1228
void solidircd_cmd_guest_nick(char *nick, char *user, char *host, char *real, char *modes)
Definition: solidircd.c:1357
void solidircd_cmd_invite(char *source, char *chan, char *nick)
Definition: solidircd.c:1288
void solidircd_cmd_unsqline(char *user)
Definition: solidircd.c:807
void solidircd_cmd_svsnick(char *source, char *guest, time_t when)
Definition: solidircd.c:1349
void solidircd_cmd_unban(char *name, char *nick)
Definition: solidircd.c:518
void solidircd_cmd_mode(char *source, char *dest, char *buf)
Definition: solidircd.c:487
void solidircd_cmd_vhost_on(char *nick, char *vIdent, char *vhost)
Definition: solidircd.c:1378
void solidircd_cmd_svid_umode(char *nick, time_t ts)
Definition: solidircd.c:1392
void solidircd_cmd_svshold(char *nick)
Definition: solidircd.c:505
void solidircd_cmd_jupe(char *jserver, char *who, char *reason)
Definition: solidircd.c:1535
void solidircd_cmd_notice(char *source, char *dest, char *buf)
Definition: solidircd.c:1072
void solidircd_cmd_release_svshold(char *nick)
Definition: solidircd.c:512
void solidircd_cmd_global(char *source, char *buf)
Definition: solidircd.c:1115
void solidircd_cmd_kick(char *source, char *chan, char *user, char *buf)
Definition: solidircd.c:1256
void solidircd_cmd_vhost_off(User *u)
Definition: solidircd.c:1384
E int servernum
Definition: extern.h:615
void solidircd_cmd_privmsg2(char *source, char *dest, char *msg)
Definition: solidircd.c:1099
void solidircd_cmd_remove_akill(char *user, char *host)
Definition: solidircd.c:779
void solidircd_cmd_sgline(char *mask, char *reason)
Definition: solidircd.c:773
void solidircd_cmd_serv_privmsg(char *source, char *dest, char *msg)
Definition: solidircd.c:1109
void solidircd_cmd_unszline(char *mask)
Definition: solidircd.c:750
void solidircd_cmd_242(char *buf)
Definition: solidircd.c:1218
void solidircd_cmd_307(char *buf)
Definition: solidircd.c:1144
void solidircd_cmd_svid_umode3(User *u, char *ts)
Definition: solidircd.c:1413
void solidircd_cmd_391(char *source, char *timestr)
Definition: solidircd.c:1125
void solidircd_cmd_250(char *buf)
Definition: solidircd.c:1134
void solidircd_cmd_pong(char *servname, char *who)
Definition: solidircd.c:878
void solidircd_cmd_chg_nick(char *oldnick, char *newnick)
Definition: solidircd.c:1423
void solidircd_cmd_ctcp(char *source, char *dest, char *buf)
Definition: solidircd.c:1575
void solidircd_cmd_svsmode_chan(char *name, char *mode, char *nick)
Definition: solidircd.c:526
void solidircd_cmd_squit(char *servname, char *message)
Definition: solidircd.c:872
void solidircd_cmd_351(char *source)
Definition: solidircd.c:1325
void solidircd_cmd_376(char *source)
Definition: solidircd.c:1282
void solidircd_cmd_part(char *nick, char *chan, char *buf)
Definition: solidircd.c:785
void solidircd_cmd_svsmode(User *u, int ac, char **av)
Definition: solidircd.c:859
void solidircd_cmd_global_legacy(char *source, char *fmt)
Definition: solidircd.c:1549
void solidircd_cmd_211(char *buf)
Definition: solidircd.c:1238
void solidircd_cmd_quit(char *source, char *buf)
Definition: solidircd.c:1298
void solidircd_cmd_svso(char *source, char *nick, char *flag)
Definition: solidircd.c:1364
void solidircd_cmd_notice_ops(char *source, char *dest, char *buf)
Definition: solidircd.c:1062
void solidircd_cmd_311(char *buf)
Definition: solidircd.c:1154
void solidircd_cmd_219(char *source, char *letter)
Definition: solidircd.c:1184
int solidircd_valid_nick(char *nick)
Definition: solidircd.c:1558
void solidircd_cmd_nick(char *nick, char *name, char *modes)
Definition: solidircd.c:1247
void solidircd_cmd_318(char *source, char *who)
Definition: solidircd.c:1208
void solidircd_cmd_375(char *source)
Definition: solidircd.c:1276
void solidircd_cmd_join(char *user, char *channel, time_t chantime)
Definition: solidircd.c:813
void solidircd_cmd_sqline(char *mask, char *reason)
Definition: solidircd.c:734
void solidircd_cmd_akill(char *user, char *host, char *who, time_t when, time_t expires, char *reason)
Definition: solidircd.c:826
void solidircd_cmd_svid_umode2(User *u, char *ts)
Definition: solidircd.c:1407
void solidircd_cmd_317(char *buf)
Definition: solidircd.c:1174