Anope IRC Services  Version 1.8
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init.c File Reference
#include "services.h"
#include "pseudo.h"
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#define LTSIZE   20


void moduleAddMsgs (void)
void moduleAddIRCDMsgs (void)
void introduce_user (const char *user)
static int set_group (void)
static int parse_dir_options (int ac, char **av)
static int parse_options (int ac, char **av)
static void remove_pidfile (void)
static void write_pidfile (void)
int init_primary (int ac, char **av)
int init_secondary (int ac, char **av)
void init_tertiary ()


int servernum = 0
int openlog_failed = 0
int openlog_errno = 0

Macro Definition Documentation

#define LTSIZE   20

Referenced by introduce_user().

Function Documentation

int init_primary ( int  ac,
char **  av 
int init_secondary ( int  ac,
char **  av 
void init_tertiary ( )

Load our delayed modeles - modules that are planing on making clients need to wait till now where as modules wanting to modify our ircd connection messages need to load eariler :|

Definition at line 777 of file init.c.

References anope_cmd_bob(), anope_cmd_eob(), anope_cmd_join(), introduce_user(), ircd, ircdvars_::join2msg, logchan, LogChannel, modules_delayed_init(), and s_GlobalNoticer.

Referenced by anope_event_capab(), and init_secondary().

void introduce_user ( const char *  user)
void moduleAddIRCDMsgs ( void  )

Definition at line 636 of file bahamut.c.

References addCoreMessage(), anope_event_436(), anope_event_482(), anope_event_admin(), anope_event_away(), anope_event_bmask(), anope_event_burst(), anope_event_capab(), anope_event_chghost(), anope_event_chgident(), anope_event_chgname(), anope_event_client(), anope_event_credits(), anope_event_cs(), anope_event_encap(), anope_event_eob(), anope_event_eos(), anope_event_error(), anope_event_euid(), anope_event_fjoin(), anope_event_fmode(), anope_event_ftopic(), anope_event_globops(), anope_event_gnotice(), anope_event_hs(), anope_event_idle(), anope_event_invite(), anope_event_join(), anope_event_kick(), anope_event_kill(), anope_event_luserslock(), anope_event_metadata(), anope_event_mode(), anope_event_motd(), anope_event_ms(), anope_event_myid(), anope_event_netctrl(), anope_event_netglobal(), anope_event_netinfo(), anope_event_newmask(), anope_event_nick(), anope_event_notice(), anope_event_ns(), anope_event_null(), anope_event_opertype(), anope_event_os(), anope_event_part(), anope_event_pass(), anope_event_ping(), anope_event_privmsg(), anope_event_quit(), anope_event_rehash(), anope_event_rsquit(), anope_event_sdesc(), anope_event_server(), anope_event_sethost(), anope_event_setident(), anope_event_setname(), anope_event_sid(), anope_event_sjoin(), anope_event_smo(), anope_event_snetinfo(), anope_event_snick(), anope_event_snotice(), anope_event_sqline(), anope_event_squit(), anope_event_svinfo(), anope_event_svsinfo(), anope_event_swhois(), anope_event_tburst(), anope_event_tctrl(), anope_event_time(), anope_event_tkl(), anope_event_tmode(), anope_event_topic(), anope_event_uid(), anope_event_umode2(), anope_event_vctrl(), anope_event_version(), anope_event_vhost(), anope_event_vs(), anope_event_whois(), createMessage(), IRCD, m_stats(), m_time(), m_version(), Numeric, sstrdup(), TS6SID, updateProtectDetails(), UseTokens, UseTS6, and UseTSMODE.

Referenced by AnopeInit().

void moduleAddMsgs ( void  )

Definition at line 447 of file messages.c.

References addCoreMessage(), createMessage(), IRCD, m_stats(), m_time(), and m_version().

Referenced by init_secondary().

static int parse_dir_options ( int  ac,
char **  av 

Definition at line 175 of file init.c.

References log_filename, services_dir, version_build, version_flags, and version_number.

Referenced by init_primary().

static int parse_options ( int  ac,
char **  av 
static void remove_pidfile ( void  )

Definition at line 399 of file init.c.

References PIDFilename.

Referenced by write_pidfile().

static int set_group ( void  )

Definition at line 144 of file init.c.

References alog().

Referenced by init_primary().

static void write_pidfile ( void  )

Definition at line 408 of file init.c.

References log_perror(), PIDFilename, and remove_pidfile().

Referenced by init_secondary().

Variable Documentation

int openlog_errno = 0

Definition at line 426 of file init.c.

Referenced by init_primary(), and init_secondary().

int openlog_failed = 0

Definition at line 426 of file init.c.

Referenced by init_primary(), and init_secondary().

int servernum = 0

Definition at line 16 of file init.c.

Referenced by init_secondary().