Anope IRC Services  Version 2.0
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SocketEngine Class Reference

#include <socketengine.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static void Init ()
static void Shutdown ()
static void Change (Socket *s, bool set, SocketFlag flag)
static void Process ()
static int GetLastError ()
static void SetLastError (int)
static bool IgnoreErrno ()

Static Public Attributes

static std::map< int, Socket * > Sockets

Static Private Attributes

static const int DefaultSize = 2

Detailed Description

Definition at line 19 of file socketengine.h.

Member Function Documentation

void SocketEngine::Change ( Socket s,
bool  set,
SocketFlag  flag 
int SocketEngine::GetLastError ( )

Definition at line 548 of file sockets.cpp.

bool SocketEngine::IgnoreErrno ( )
void SocketEngine::Init ( )

Called to initialize the socket engine

Definition at line 25 of file socketengine_epoll.cpp.

References DefaultSize, EngineHandle, events, and Anope::LastError().

Referenced by Anope::Init().

void SocketEngine::Process ( )
void SocketEngine::SetLastError ( int  err)

Definition at line 557 of file sockets.cpp.

Referenced by SSLSocketIO::Recv(), and SSLSocketIO::Send().

void SocketEngine::Shutdown ( )

Called to shutdown the socket engine

Definition at line 35 of file socketengine_epoll.cpp.

References Sockets.

Referenced by main().

Field Documentation

const int SocketEngine::DefaultSize = 2

Definition at line 21 of file socketengine.h.

Referenced by Init().

std::map< int, Socket * > SocketEngine::Sockets

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