Anope always dies after about five minutes, saying "FATAL ERROR! Can't back up nick.db".

Make sure that the user Anope runs as has write access to the data directory, and that the data directory actually

exists (the latter shouldn't be a problem if you ran the Config script). This means Anope needs write and execute permission on the

data directory itself and execute permission on every parent directory of the data directory.

Anope crashed with a segmentation fault.

See if you can reproduce this by doing a certain sequence of things. If so, please report it to us (see part 6 of

README file). If not, you're probably out of luck; if you like, you can report it to us anyway, but chances are it won't get fixed

if we don't have instructions on reproducing it. If you do have such a problem, you may find the crontab utility useful for dealing

with it. Also, see the DumpCore directive in the configuration file. It allows Anope to dump its core whenever it's segfaulting,

usually calling it core and placing it into Anope's main directory. Open up gdb by issuing the following command at your shell:

  • gdb services core

(of course replacing 'core' with the name of the core if different) and type 'bt' at the gdb prompt. After that, send us the

output you got and keep the core file in a safe place, in case we need it to dig deeper into the problem.

I've found a bug that's not mentioned here or in the README or BUGS files. What should I do?

See section 6 of the README file.

My FreeBSD box complains about 'Shared object "" not found'

We haven't figured out the exact cause yet, but as a quickfix you can delete the /etc/nsswitch.conf file. Please

keep in mind that removing a configuration file can be dangerous, so only do this if you know what you are doing.