SVN, Doxy and Docgen moved

Due to recent server issues, we have moved our SVN repository, WebSVN frontend, Doxygen and Docgen documentation over to a new host. They are now hosted at the following locations:

You can move over your local subversion repository to our new host easily. For the SVN command-line client (*nix), enter this in your trunk/ dir to switch the trunk repository to the new location:

  • svn switch --relocate svn:// svn://

If you are using TortoiseSVN on Windows, follow these instructions:

  • Rightclick on your top svn folder (typically 'trunk'), go to TortoiseSVN, then Relocate...

  • At the 'To URL' of the dialog box that popped up, enter svn:// and click Ok

The links to WebSVN, Doxygen and Docgen can also be found at As a bonus you'll get an ASCII-art sketch of our site layout ;)

Posted on Sunday, August 26th at 04:57:25 by GeniusDex