Anope 1.9.0 - Development Released

The Anope Team are proud to announce the immediate availability of our latest development release 1.9.0. We should stress that at this time the API is likely to remain somewhat volatile between releases so module authors should bear this in mind and speak with us if you have any particular questions.

Key Changes for the end user?

Ported to C++
New Configuration File Format (1.8 style config files will not work!)
Core Services able to be used as Botserv Bots (ie. Chanserv can be your botserv bot if you wish)
InspIRCd 1.2 Support

Our intentions are laid out clearly on the TODO/Roadmap located here

We welcome any Feature Requests on our forum here

Any Bug Reports can be logged on our tracker at or pop into our support channel to have a chat first before logging a bug if you're unsure. ( #anope).

We should stress that it's important to take a back up before running this version of Anope but that it will work just fine with your existing databases from 1.8 so give it a go and let us know your thoughts! (Back up important because you can't go back!)

I just personally want to add my thanks for everyone both within the Team and those on the outside who've been involved in taking the project leaps and bounds forwards in the last few months. Without you all, there would be no project to work for and for that I am very grateful.


anope-1.9.0-release.exe (MD5: 2dc4515383cd0c4a050fa264602d6f69)
anope-1.9.0-release-source.tar.gz (MD5: 74a8bb5bfd97dc1ec63a6297a6228840)

Grab them from Sourceforge here

Posted on Monday, February 9th at 15:17:15 by chaz