Anope 1.8.1 Release

The Anope Team are proud to announce the immediate availability of Anope 1.8.1 (Stable).

This release comes 6 months after the debut of Anope 1.8.0 as our new stable branch and brings several bugfixes.

We would recommend that anyone using 1.8.0 (or 1.6.x/1.7.x) install this upgrade.

Once again on behalf of the project I'd like to thank our team with the new members who have joined us since our last release and of course the Anope Community for their continuing use of the product.

Web Resources:

Forum: ***
Bugtracker: ***
Wiki: ***
Modules Site:
Developer API:
User Documentation:

*** Requires an Anope ldap account from

IRC: #anope - Support for installation/usage of Anope Software. #anope-devel - Support for developers and module authors extending Anope's functionality. #anope-social - General offtopic chat.

MD5 Checksums:

01299b2f9e30f22ba12ff44dd7c24ec7 *anope-1.8.1.tar.gz
c739c275d072c6e13ff9a349d29267ad *anope-1.8.1.exe
207d16249f782c1b1cc9720f8cdd0d73 *anope-1.8.1-MySQL.exe

Posted on Saturday, July 4th at 08:27:12 by chaz