Anope 1.7.15 released! [updated]

This release contains a huge number of bugfixes, resulting in an empty bug-tracker at the time of release. We would like to get as many people as possible to test this release and report any found bugs on our bugtracker, located at This release is a complete feature freeze for our upcoming new stable release, 1.8.0, and therefore requires as much testing as possible.

Highlights in this version include the removal of the old KillClones code; session limiting should be used at all times. We also moved the previously bundled ns_noop module into the core, and improved Windows-support by adding support for Visual Studio 2005. The complete list of changes can be found in the changelog, bundled as the Changes file, or to be found on SourceForge.

The precompiled Windows versions from now on require the Visual C++ 2005 Runtimes, and version 5.0 of MySQL. Older versions are no longer supported by our precompiled binaries.

This release can be downloaded from our file releases section at SourceForge.

Update: The Windows installers have been re-uploaded after an issue was discovered. The md5 sums in the release notes have been updated to reflect the changes. Thanks to Jobe for letting us know of this issue.

Posted on Tuesday, August 8th at 13:16:49 by GeniusDex