Anope 1.9.5 Release

The Anope Team are proud to announce the release of Anope 1.9.5. This release continues the development of our development branch in creating the next generation Anope 2.0 stable.

The configuration has been split up in to multiple separate files, so any admins switching from older 1.9 versions may want to completely redo their configuration file (and enjoy the new options!).

Some of the notable changes include:
Extended LDAP support
Added os_oper, os_kill, os_forbid, m_statusupdate, cs_sync, and bs_autoassign
Added a new configuration file format
Added a new commands system
Added a new access system, and cs_flags

Additionally, we have taken the time to patch the previous 1.9.4 release and are releasing it as 1.9.4-p1, for those who prefer to stay on the more stable side of 1.9 development.

Last, but not least, our project leader chaz has stepped down after leading the Anope Team for almost three years to attend to real life. Chaz was instrumental in late 1.7 development and releasing 1.8 stable, as well as kick starting 1.9 development off to its bright future. We thank him greatly for the time he has put in to Anope to make it better and we wish him the best of luck in life. DukePyrolator has stepped up from his role as a developer to fill the open position of project leader.



MD5 Sum: 399a83797d0c0241ec1de0c442d1a1ff anope-1.9.5-source.tar.gz
MD5 Sum: a60cf761ff11189c5b49189a8478ee85 anope-1.9.5.exe


MD5 Sum: 59afc1944133d95b9d564520c9b796c9 anope-1.9.4-p1-source.tar.gz
MD5 Sum: 70639b8157118052ebbb2255e6b0f98a anope-1.9.4-p1.exe

Posted on Saturday, September 10th at 07:46:13 by Adam