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Anope 1.7.18 released

The Anope team starts the new year with the next development release, Anope 1.7.18. Since the previous release, we have been working on the MySQL subsytem to improve stability and security of this code. Next to that, we have added support for encryption modules, finally including support for encrypting passwords with proper MD5 or SHA1.

Posted on Sun, Dec 31 by GeniusDex (Read More...)

Anope 1.6.5 released

Over a year after the release of Anope 1.6.4, the Anope Team releases a minor update to the stable series of Anope.

Posted on Sat, Nov 11 by GeniusDex (Read More...)

Anope 1.7.17 released - URGED TO UPGRADE

The Anope team would like to announce the immediate availability of Anope 1.7.17. This version is the latest in the development series of Anope and fixes a possible remote exploit when used with MySQL. This possible exploit is present in nearly ALL 1.7-versions of Anope and we therefore urge anyone running Anope 1.7.1 or newer to upgrade to 1.7.17 as soon as possible.

Posted on Tue, Oct 17 by GeniusDex (Read More...)

Anope 1.7.16 released!

Anope 1.7.16 has been released as a second release candidate for our next stable release, Anope 1.8.0. With quite a number of fixes since the previous release, we strees everyone again to test this release as much as possible.

Posted on Mon, Oct 9 by GeniusDex (Read More...)

New modules site launched!

After 3 months of planning and coding, the new Anope Modules site has finally launched.

Posted on Sat, Sep 30 by heinz (Read More...)

Anope 1.7.15 released! [updated]

This release contains a huge number of bugfixes, and is the feature freeze release for Anope 1.8.0. We encourage you to test this version and report any bug you find on the bugtracker at

Posted on Tue, Aug 8 by GeniusDex (Read More...)

Anope 1.7.14 released [updated]

This new release of the development series adds support for Charybdis IRCd and contains quite a number of fixes. Read the full article for more information, or download the new version directly from SourceForge.

Posted on Mon, Mar 27 by GeniusDex (Read More...)

Recruitment Over.

Time's up!

Posted on Mon, Feb 27 by dengel (Read More...)

Anope on Frappr!

Add yourself or your network to the map at Frappr!.

Posted on Sun, Feb 12 by dengel (Read More...)

Anope is recruiting!

We have opened a few positions for the Anope Project. Some are technical, others are not. If you are into Anope, want to help and be part of the next stable release, please read on.

Posted on Thu, Feb 2 by dengel (Read More...)

New Website Online

It has taken some time, but the new site is finally online. This new site will contain our news, documentation, and support resources.

Posted on Thu, Feb 2 by GeniusDex (Read More...)