Anope IRC Services

Anope is a set of IRC Services designed for flexibility and ease of use.

Anope is available in two flavors: Stable and Development. The stable version has been tested for months and is as stable as a rock, while the development version gets new features added constantly and allows you to enjoy the future of services today.

Latest News - Anope 2.1.6 Release

Anope 2.1.7 has been released. This is a development release.

The most notable changes are:

  • Added importing of akick reasons, forbid reasons, opers and session exceptions to db_atheme.
  • Added support for sending tag messages.
  • Added the ability to look up account information of an authenticated user.
  • Fixed a crash in ns_cert when an IRC user is not present during a nick registration.
  • Fixed a null pointer dereference in the global module.
  • Fixed a rare memory leak in os_akill and os_sxline.
  • Improved the performance of some code that looks up the primary nick from an account.
  • Moved nickserv/set/language and nickserv/saset/language to the ns_set_language module.
  • Removed the broken Catalan, Hungarian, and Russian translations.
  • Renamed module:expire for the cs_suspend module to suspendexpire.
  • Renamed the FANTASIA privilege to FANTASY.
  • Reworked the protocol interface for sending messages.
  • Updated the Turkish translation.

The full change log can be found in the docs directory or on GitHub.

Users who want to test out new features are encouraged to upgrade. Before upgrading you may wish to take a backup of your databases and read the upgrading guide. If you encounter any incompatibilities that aren’t mentioned on this page then please open an issue.

SHA256 Sum: 77d0a1ea1da1702d89ec6889fd36966d5250850fdf217a0d93988ab260b82fb7 anope-2.1.7.tar.gz
SHA256 Sum: 632d3fe325e3cfdfdd3bdbd615e3cfccc6bfb30adc64ebe897dcc90109dc3a28 anope-2.1.7.exe

Posted on 01 Jul 2024 by Sadie

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