IRCD Link Maker

This interactive form will allow you to generate IRCD link blocks. The data generated should be inserted into your IRCD Config file, followed by a rehash of the server. This will make the changes active. You will then be able to connect Anope to your IRC Server!

IRCD Type: - Please select the correct IRCD Type

Services Hostname: - This should be the hostname of the Services, that you specified in the ServerName directive, in the services.conf file.

Services IP Address: - This should be the IP Address that the Services are connecting from.

For example: If you are running services locally, then you can safely keep this as, HOWEVER, your IRCD must be listening on If your IRCD is on a different IP, or a different server, then this should be set to the IP Address that the IRCD sees.

If your services are on a box with IP Address, and your IRCD is listening on IP Address, You would set the BIND IP BELOW, to, and you would set THIS field to as well.

Bind IP Address: - The IP Address to bind the connection to.

If you have been given a specific IP Address by a shell provider, set this to that here. If you are using the connection locally, leave as UnrealIRCD supports * in this field, to denote a bind to ALL IP Addresses.

Connection Password: - Password to use/accept when Connecting

You MUST ensure that this password is EXACTLY the same as the one in the services.conf file, in the RemoteAddress section. If they are different, linking WILL fail.

Server Class: - IRC Server Connection Class

This should be set to the CLASS for servers on your IRCD. You can leave this field blank, and the default entry will be added.

Username: - Username used during connection

You may wish to set this to the username you use on your shell. It adds some extra protection when linking. It is not required, and this field can safely be left blank.

And thats about it! Just hit the button below, and your IRCD Link block will be generated for you! :)

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