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Anope 1.8.0 - Stable Released

The Anope Team are proud to announce that after two years of development our latest stable release Anope 1.8.0 is now available for download.

It’s been a long couple of years, with many changes both to the product and indeed to the team as a whole.

For those of you with Modules which won’t work beyond 1.7.21 we understand your plight and will be available to assist module authors if they need a hand revising their mods for general consumption.

We want everyone to move away from 1.7.x as a development branch and join us on -stable. (with your modules of course!)

We’d like to once again wish our loyal users all the very best in this holiday season and for all to have a successful year in 2009.

MD5 Checksums:

88e461ac64116dfaf34043635aad0abe Anope-1.8.0.exe
e6a36f16b7e348cb091efee59675ae2c Anope-1.8.0-MySQL.exe
77fe81f656ff60b746e6da7499ea3dd2 anope-1.8.0.tar.gz

Grab the files from here!

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Seasons Greetings from the Anope Team

Dear all,

We’d like to extend our best wishes to all of our loyal users, supporters & our associated sponsorship partners along with their families and anyone they may well be in contact with over this festive period.

It’s been a long but productive year for Anope:

. 4 Point releases on the development branch leading to a release candidate for stable.

. The fast paced development of 1.9 as a result of an initial forking effort “Next Generation -ng” brought back into the team to better collaborate and develop.

. The merging of Denora IRC Stats back into the Anope platform as part of our latest endeavour of open partnerships with dedicated module authors.

. Changes in the team meaning more people are available to help out in our support channel ( #anope) & web forums (

However, whilst we should celebrate our successes this year, we must not rest on our laurels; we must push forward and get 1.8-stable out the door, and help our users with modules only supported up to 1.7.21 make the transition to 1.8-stable with their favourite modules intact.

We as always are very grateful to our users who use the software, drop in to the channel for a chat and especially those who help us make the product better by reporting issues, suggesting changes & even implementing the changes themselves and passing us a patch. Not everyone can write software, people are always needed for many other roles including but not limited to:

. Supporting users on the support channel / forums . Testing bugs reported on the bugtracker and seeing whether you can reproduce them. . Updating the language translation files to ensure they are accurate & up to date for your language. . Checking through our supplied documentation to ensure it is correct and update anything we’ve missed.

But more than anything, using our latest revisions in our subversion repository even if just in a test environment and helping us find any problems so the problems don’t make it to the finished articles.

Once again, from the whole team, we’d like to extend our warmest regards to you in this festive period and wish for a prosperous new year for all.

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Denora merges back into Anope

Today is an exciting day … (Ok, it’s 2 days to my birthday but that’s not what I’m talking about!).

We’ve been in talks with the Denora Stats team and are proud to announce that Denora will merge their knowledge and features back into Anope 1.9 as an optional Statserv module. This we feel collectively will give our users the
best of both worlds, a second to none IRC Services platform combined with a feature rich and ever evolving Statistics package.

A bit of history will show that Denora forked our base core back in the early 1.7 releases and built upon it, improving and growing their own ideas and functions in whilst allowing us to backport some changes back into our own
core but with the plans for Anope 1.9 to be as open and architectually flexible as possible we figured it would make sense to hit the ground running!

In the future, we will be looking for competent module authors with popular modules to maintain them whilst we bundle them with the actual product as an optional convenience for users with the eventual idea that some of the modules may either be merged into the core, or that the module author extends their skills and joins our team and developing the product overall.

We are always looking for people who want to help out, even if you don’t think you have anything useful to offer, feel free to get hold of me on irc or via email ( and we’ll see how we can work together.

In other news:
Anope 1.8 is almost complete now with the final couple of bugs in the throws of being completed.

Anope 1.9 is making fast paced and good development and we’d welcome any feature requests etc on our forum as previously outlined in our news.

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Anope adopts -ng as 1.9

The Anope-ng fork (announced previously here) has merged back in with the main Anope Project with the official adoption of the changes thus far into the upcoming 1.9 development branch.

We are fortunate also that Robin & Naram have agreed to join our team as Developers moving forward which will allow us to fully explore the potential of the work they have done thus far and engage our ideas and goals with theirs for the future of the project.

Please help us in making the upcoming 1.8 stable release a success by downloading the Release Candidate available and helping us iron out any bugs left lying around and direct your ideas for the future to us in #anope-ng.

Thanks once again to all of our users for being loyal and helping us continue to create a product you want.

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New Project Leader

Dear All,

This is just a quick message to announce that as of 1.8-RC1 last night (26th October 2008) I have taken over as project lead as GeniusDex steps back into a developer role within our project.

What will this mean to all of our faithful users?
We will continue to build on our successes in developing what is regardless of what some people may say/think, one of the most popular & successful IRC Services packages on the planet.

We will continue to develop our product for our users in line with what they want and not what we want them to have as at the end of the day, as people tend to realise often too late, without users, there is no product, and without a product we have nothing to spend our time on.

I am fully open to feedback and any constructive ideas moving forward and invite you to get in touch with me either directly on IRC or via email on

Best Regards,
Charles Kingsley
Anope Project Lead

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Anope 1.8.0-rc1 released!

It’s about time for one of the final steps towards a new stable release: it’s first release candidate! We ask everyone to test this release candidate so we can have a truly stable new stable release.

Apart from updates to language files there are no changes since the last development release (1.7.24).

Finally a word to all users of the stable release (1.6.5). When the final release of 1.8.0 is there we will stop supporting 1.6.5. Please make preparations for upgrading to 1.8.0 by testing this release with your modules so as to ensure a smooth transition once 1.8.0 final is released.

Take a look at the change log for more information about the changes made for this release.

Posted on 26 Oct 2008 by GeniusDex (Read More...)

Anope 1.7.24 Released

Following the successful release of 1.7.23b we are pleased to announce the release of 1.7.24 which has a few language file fixes and an important MySQL change see below.

** Important - MySQL **

It is crucially important that if you use MySQL with UseRDB that you for the first time running 1.7.24 disable UseRDB, start up anope from Flatfile DBs and perform an /OS UPDATE to dump the data into your MySQL Database before shutting down and enabling UseRDB.

This is due to a change in the way passwords are stored in MySQL and therefore we are keen to hear from users if you run into any problems and cannot recommend strongly enough that you take a back up prior to upgrading!

We are edging closer to the release of 1.8!

Check out the Change Log Here.


anope-1.7.24.tar.gz – Full 1.7.24 source release
anope-1.7.24.exe – Windows Installer (No MySQL Support)
anope-1.7.24-mysql.exe – Windows Installer (With MySQL Support)


3c956362b4b4d074e2e58c869c77f77c *anope-1.7.24.tar.gz
153b45b56f16b0081db6af132e50b7c7 *anope-1.7.24.exe
40626071e74bf45629fe4cd8160f4f9f *anope-1.7.24-mysql.exe

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Language File Updates for 1.8

Hi all,

Just a quick note to tell you that if you’re working on any language file updates to please let us know and they need to be finished and submitted by the 26th of October at the very latest for inclusion in Anope 1.8.

We would appreciate your help in checking out the langfile in your language and reporting any mistakes so we can get them up to date and ready to rock for 1.8 which is coming … :)

Thanks for your time.

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Anope 1.7.23 released - Upgrade recommended.

** Update **

We have re-released .23 with a revision ‘b’ as an oversight was made on loading encrypted databases which has now been resolved.

If you previously updated to .23 you needn’t update again unless you have problems.

Since releasing 1.7.22 just over 2 weeks ago, we’ve continued to polish the 1.7 branch for the eventual release of 1.8.

We’ve fixed various issues some shown below:

Buffer overflows with both ChanServ and NickServ (Win32 Crashbug in 1.7.22)

FreeBSD 7 issue.
Expanded behaviour of OperServ Ignore & introduced modular database back end meaning Ignores are saved even after a services restart.
Various typographic errors are fixed in help/lang files.
Expanded behaviour of OperServ Modlist
Enabled UMODE functionality for InspIRCd 1.1

Unfortunately, we encountered some problems with the way in which Chanserv & Nickserv are storing passwords which has led us to make a sad but needed decision to break the long time standing backwards database compatibility with versions prior to this one. - This means that once you have upgraded to 1.7.23 (or any SVN build after revision 1462) you will be unable to go back.

Please make sure you take a back up prior to upgrading just in case you do need to revert!

We cannot stress the importance of this advice, and assure you it was with a heavy heart we broke the compatibility and not a decision we took lightly.

Take a look at our Changelog for more information


anope-1.7.23b.tar.gz – Full 1.7.23 source release
Anope-1.7.23b.exe – Windows Installer (No MySQL Support)
Anope-1.7.23b-MySQL.exe – Windows Installer (With MySQL Support)


f5c4b500ba3e4ae5021dc8d32bd11d44 *anope-1.7.23b.tar.gz
b691368f2e025f3b41301efe7acc9151 *Anope-1.7.23b.exe
20e27a95b1864d0dc7e7e28e0f648b00 *Anope-1.7.23b-MySQL.exe

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Anope Next Generation Ideas

Anope Next Generation (Anope NG) is a collection of ideas, and proof of concept testing /development in order to pull the almost stable 1.7.x branch of Anope into the 21st Century kicking and screaming.
We have set up a channel on our support network ( #anope-ng) where users can liaise with experienced developers from the irc world and anope staff alike to help shape what the future of Anope could look like.

We’re keen to hear from you regardless of whether you can implement your ideas or not; but most of all, we want you to be involved in the continued development of the Anope project and without getting involved we can’t make the product you want!

WANTED: If you write C/C++ and have a vested interest in IRC, we want to speak to you! Similarly, if you are from an adventurous IRC Network keen to try new things and have supportive users (read: guinea pigs) again, get in touch.

Anope NG is a C++ evolution of the current codebase, but a lot is going to change – there is no feature freeze involved here. If you’ve been put off by things you’ve seen in the code before, come and talk to us.

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Anope 1.7.22 released - upgrade recommended.

It was about time :)

Loads of fixes piled up since the release of 1.7.21 and several things needed doing before we could start thinking of finally getting 1.8 out of the door.

In addition to that, a crashbug in ChanServ’s ACCESS
command has been fixed, making this a highly recommended upgrade for everyone running any version of 1.7.

This release mostly includes loads of fixes. The list includes several memory leaks, general code cleanups, updated documents and loads of user-visible consistency fixes and updated features.

Take a look at the change log for more information about the changes made for this release.


anope-1.7.22.tar.gz – Full 1.7.22 source release
Anope-1.7.22.exe – Windows Installer (No MySQL Support)
Anope-1.7.22-MySQL.exe – Windows Installer (With MySQL Support)


f6f71cc674630d788e3a0ba528be633a anope-1.7.22.tar.gz
8ef60c7f1bc810f7aed152a11dcf357b Anope-1.7.22.exe
6644182a19cc543c5afc09085aaeef94 Anope-1.7.22-MySQL.exe

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Anope Users Mailing List

We have as part of our movement forward with 1.8-stable cleared the old mailing list for Anope Users.

To keep up to date on Anope Release Information, Insider Information, and General Anope News please sign up for our Users Mailing list located at

This list will soon to be buzzing with information from the Anope Team and you too can become more involved as part of our Testing Network Group (netqa).

Posted on 24 Aug 2008 by chaz (Read More...)

Anope Test Networks (netqa)

As part of our run up to releasing 1.8-stable we are seeking Network Administrators willing to help us by testing our near-stable releases on their public network to help us iron out and resolve potential bugs.

As the latest 1.7.x releases are the build up to 1.8-stable, we are aware that some Networks are already helping us by running these, but we’d like to go out on the limb a bit more and ask for some networks to run 1.7.xx-svn which will incorporate the latest bugfixes in our efforts to reach the dizzy heights of 1.8-stable.

As the times become nearer, we will be releasing a public 1.8-RC1 but we’d like you guys to get involved earlier and help us make this RC1 a single RC and allow us together to get on moving past 1.8 onto some of the juicier feature requests we’ve had since we entered our feature freeze.

I’d like to hear from you, please check out the forum post <a href=””here</a> and whilst I can see the date of that post be assured that we are now moving forward and it won’t be another 2 years before we release!

Thanks for your time and efforts; together we’ll take Anope to the next level.

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Deskzilla License for Anope

ALMWorks have issued a Deskzilla License for our bugtracking system so our users can navigate our historical bugs archive with ease.

Users can download Deskzilla from ALMWorks website at and our license can be found at

We are very grateful to ALMWorks for their support over the years in providing prior to the public license; licenses for our team individually.

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Anope 1.7.21 released - upgrade strongly advised

This new release fixes a XOP-related exploitable crash bug which appeared in Anope version 1.7.20. Earlier versions are not affected. Networks running Anope 1.7.20 are strongly advised to upgrade to this release. Even though networks running earlier versions are not affected by this bug, they are still advised to upgrade due to numerous other bugfixes.

Next to the fix for the crash bug mentioned above, a number of other things have been fixed as well, including various InspIRCd-related issues, bugs in the MySQL code and a shiny new Russian translation.

Take a look at the change log for more information about the changes made for this release.

The source and Windows binaries can be downloaded from SourceForge.

Posted on 11 Jan 2008 by GeniusDex (Read More...)