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Anope 1.8.7 - Release

The Anope Team are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Anope IRC Services 1.8.7 which contains a small number of changes including support for Hybrid channel modes +S and +O & additional internal events for certain situation offering flexibility to Module Authors.

The small number of bug fixes in this 7 month period since the last 1.8 release goes a long way to show how stable Anope 1.8 has and continues to be for the community.

This release is recommended for all networks running earlier 1.8 releases and as always we recommend taking a good back up and testing your modules and database in a testing environment before upgrading.

Change Log:

08/18 A Added support for Hybrid’s channel mode +S [#1319]
08/18 A Added support for Hybrid’s channel mode +O [#1320]
08/21 A Added internal event when a nickcore is dropped. [ #00]
08/21 A Added internal event when a nickcore gets a new display nick. [ #00]
08/18 R Removed support for Hybrid’s (old) channel mode +a [#1318]
12/15 C Added API support for SVSJOIN and SVSPART on UltimateIRCd 3. [ #00]
05/30 F Fixed removing vhosts on InspIRCd when m_cloaking is unloaded [#1273]
07/23 F Fixed a potential crash in the badwords kicker [ #00]
08/09 F Fixed deopping the first user to join a channel during a burst [#1287]
08/10 F Fixed loading bs_fantasy_owner on InspIRCd 2.0 on startup [ #00]
08/21 F Send DROP event when forbidding nicks and channels. [ #00]
11/16 F Fixed ident being used instead of vident in some comparisons. [ #00]
11/20 F Fixed ignore not matching against users’ real host or IP. [ #00]
12/06 F Fixed some typos in the spanish language file [ #00]


MD5: ef28b940d58924693f62296c9e306ac9 Anope-1.8.7.tar.gz
MD5: 71666440eba4305a80be4474414f5959 Anope-1.8.7.exe
MD5: 0e5352e1b6805300340126250c767318 Anope-1.8.7-MySQL.exe

Posted on 23 Dec 2011 by Adam (Read More...)

Anope 1.9.5 Release

The Anope Team are proud to announce the release of Anope 1.9.5. This release continues the development of our development branch in creating the next generation Anope 2.0 stable.

The configuration has been split up in to multiple separate files, so any admins switching from older 1.9 versions may want to completely redo their configuration file (and enjoy the new options!).

Some of the notable changes include:
Extended LDAP support
Added os_oper, os_kill, os_forbid, m_statusupdate, cs_sync, and bs_autoassign
Added a new configuration file format
Added a new commands system
Added a new access system, and cs_flags

Additionally, we have taken the time to patch the previous 1.9.4 release and are releasing it as 1.9.4-p1, for those who prefer to stay on the more stable side of 1.9 development.

Last, but not least, our project leader chaz has stepped down after leading the Anope Team for almost three years to attend to real life. Chaz was instrumental in late 1.7 development and releasing 1.8 stable, as well as kick starting 1.9 development off to its bright future. We thank him greatly for the time he has put in to Anope to make it better and we wish him the best of luck in life. DukePyrolator has stepped up from his role as a developer to fill the open position of project leader.



MD5 Sum: 399a83797d0c0241ec1de0c442d1a1ff anope-1.9.5-source.tar.gz
MD5 Sum: a60cf761ff11189c5b49189a8478ee85 anope-1.9.5.exe


MD5 Sum: 59afc1944133d95b9d564520c9b796c9 anope-1.9.4-p1-source.tar.gz
MD5 Sum: 70639b8157118052ebbb2255e6b0f98a anope-1.9.4-p1.exe

Posted on 10 Sep 2011 by Adam (Read More...)

Anope 1.8.6 - Release

The Anope Team is pleased to announce the release of Anope 1.8.6 (Stable) which contains lots of general bug fixes and improved support for Plexus, & Hybrid IRCds.

This release only contains an updated German Language File (thanks Han!) and many Mac specific fixes both for compilation and indeed running of Anope on Mac.

I am somewhat disappointed once again at the lack of interest from people willing to test the releases despite ~100 downloads a day.


10/31 A Added support for plexus3’s channel mode +z [#1202]
02/23 A Added account tracking support to ratbox protocol module [ #00]
03/21 A Added support for Hybrid’s m_services and m_change [ #00]
03/28 A Added internal events called when a module is loaded/unloaded. [ #00]
03/28 A Added internal events called when a command is added/deleted. [ #00]
09/11 F Fixed db-convert handling some vhost collisions [ #00]
09/14 F Fixed ./configure failing with partial SQL installations [ #00]
09/28 F Fixed ForkForMail to always work [ #00]
09/28 F Fixed /nickserv saset display to use nicktracking if enabled [#1193]
09/28 F Fixed /nickserv group to use nicktracking if enabled [#1194]
12/12 F Remove vhost requests from nicks that expire [ #00]
12/15 F Fixed /cs enforce #channel to say SET was enforced not (null) [#1213]
12/23 F Fixed /cs (un)ban and akick from matching users real hosts/IP [#1079]
01/19 F Fixed ‘make install’ recompiling src/tools [#1227]
01/21 F Fixed many incorrect apostrophe usages [#1223]
01/28 F Fixed not introducing our clients with usermode k on InspIRCd2.0[ #00]
01/29 F Updated german language file. [ #00]
02/05 F Fixed wiki URLs in Windows configure script [ #00]
02/11 F Fixed build on Mac [ #00]
02/23 F Fixed rejoining our clients if they are kicked on a TS6 IRCd [ #00]
03/02 F Fixed showing SENDPASS in HELP to users who can’t use it [ #00]
03/03 F Fixed opping our clients on ratbox when not using TS6 [ #00]
03/04 F Fixed setting a users host in InspIRCd when vhost is turned off [ #00]
03/24 F Fixed groups display nick showing in HS req memos for aliases. [#1252]
04/28 F Fixed missing NS REGISTER reply when ns_register is not loaded. [#1263]
05/02 F Fixed crash in enc_md5 on Mac [#1236]


924338d39daa78947670c6c19023cc14 *anope-1.8.6.tar.gz
d6b2bc0ac1393a01db63691c30a1a59e *Anope-1.8.6.exe
73712ecd654731610ce1ddeaecc4687c *Anope-1.8.6-MySQL.exe

Posted on 14 Jun 2011 by Adam (Read More...)

Anope 1.9.3-p1 & Anope 1.9.4 Releases

The Anope Team are pleased to announce the release of two development builds.

Firstly, 1.9.3-p1 which is a patch release of 1.9.3 with fixes/etc for that particular branch and then a release of 1.9.4 which has the fixes from 1.9.3-p1 where appropriate together with heaps more development on top.

Admins running 1.9.3 at the moment have two choices, update to 1.9.3-p1 as a small upgrade to improve the stability of 1.9.3 (but it’s still dev!), or upgrade to 1.9.4 which carries larger risks as this branch has received much more development but has lots more new shiny features for you to play with.

We make these releases available to you to help find issues and improve the stability whilst we continue to drive the direction of development forward.

We welcome admins to try these releases and find bugs and suggest improvements but please be aware that these are not to be considered stable so do not complain if they crash and burn or eat your dinner.

We continue to make great progress on the development of Anope and once again I take my hat off to the team and especially to Adam for the time and effort he puts into this product. He is clearly a master of the 28 hour day.

Changes in 1.9.3-p1 F Fixed bad logic in /os exception preventing valid hosts from being added
F Fixed /os sqline clear
F Fixed not applying SQLines to our own clients
F Fixed crash from deleting nonexistant users on the XOP access lists
F Fixed crash when /cs set mlock is given an empty string
F Fixed a potential crash from expiring nicks
F Fixed build on Debian Lenny
F Fixed /bs badword del to show what word was deleted
F Fixed using /ns release with a password
F Fixed allowing setting a valid TTB with /bs kick repeat
F Fixed caps kicker
F Fixed many SQL issues
F Fixed reading resolv.conf if it has multiple spaces or tabs
F Fixed creating permanent channels on burst and setting their topics
F Fixed /cs register to show in HELP
F Fixed restricting people from registering guest nick names
F Fixed a potential crash from dropping nicks

Changes in 1.9.4

A Automatically set channel founder to the user with the highest access if there is no successor
A /chanserv clone command to copy settings from one channel to another.
A /chanserv mode command
A Ability for users to delete their own access in channels
A Added support for Plexus 3
A Readded in support for /cs op/deop/etc to op/deop you in all channels
A Added LDAP support
A Added live SQL support
A Added support for learning tracking/storing/locking all modes at runtime
A Added m_alias
A Added support for XMLRPC queries
A Added /botserv set msg
A Added /operserv config
A Added /ns cert
A Added /operserv login
F Changed the GHOST command to not allow ghosting unidentified users if the RECOVER command exists
F Some failed logic in /operserv exception that prevents proper exceptions from being added
F Fixed the anope_os_sxlines MySQL table and code to work after restarting



MD5 Sum: 168de16417f3489b2e492920c4bd9b42 anope-1.9.3-p1-source.tar.gz
MD5 Sum: 23a91a1b8d27970fd0b8e1e9a2be9c75 anope-1.9.3-p1.exe


MD5 Sum: 41178aa1aa52038316bb1e6e02d93f07 anope-1.9.4-source.tar.gz
MD5 Sum: e631f1c2becd56cd0f9a8f52afa934dd anope-1.9.4.exe

Posted on 16 May 2011 by chaz (Read More...)

Anope 1.8.6 - Prerelease Information

Hi all,

We believe we’re ready to release Anope IRC Services 1.8.6 as our next stable release.

Before we do this though we’d like to involve the community in testing our pre build just to make sure everything is OK and contribute back to the project with your findings.

We’ll leave this open for a week with a view of releasing next weekend if all is OK.

There will be no other commits to stable in the meantime unless issues are found in these builds.


Source Download: here
Source MD5: 8ec9029ddfd98da6ec53d63960de47f5

Windows Precompiled Download: here
Windows Precompiled Download MD5: 4038c9a448be52e7fbfcba8dfa34dbd4

Windows Precompiled with MySQL Download: here
Windows Precompiled with MySQL Download MD5: d61ee7905125862098cd9f9263f5f8cb

(alternatively you can check out from git)

We would welcome any input on the Forum thread at

Please get involved and contribute with this so we can make sure any issues are resolved prior to release.

Posted on 08 May 2011 by chaz (Read More...)

Anope 1.8.5 Released

The Anope Team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Anope 1.8.5 (Stable) which introduces InspIRCd 2.0 support and refines the support of earlier versions.

Other noteable changes include:

  • Support for building on MS Visual Studio 2010 (we still build the binary releases on VS2008)

  • Improved logging facilities.

  • Optional mail forking (for non Windows OS)

  • Many many bug fixes (encourage all users to upgrade once tested)

As always we encourage all users of the stable branch to upgrade to the latest version when they are able to. Of course as per normal procedure you should run this on your testnet with your modules & databases before going live.

Finally, I write with some disappointment at the poor show of people willing to test this release. .

Too few people were willing to help us test this release which has delayed things considerably even to the point where I wasn’t going to bother until people actually did take part. I then decided this was unfair to those who did bother and to that end here it is.

My thanks as always go to the folks who did bother; you guys know who you are and we’re grateful for your continued support.

We would welcome more support in the future to avoid potential release delays. Contact me if you are interested.


05/05 A Added an internal event called when a nick is requested [ #00]
05/09 A Added an Atheme to Anope database converter [ #00]
05/12 A Added logging for stateful commands [ #00]
05/22 A Added an internal event called when a nick is ghosted [ #00]
05/22 A Added an internal event called when a nick is recovered [ #00]
05/23 A Added old nick parameter to EVENT_CHANGE_NICK [ #00]
08/13 A Added forking for mail sending on supporting operating systems [ #00]
09/05 A Added InspIRCd 2.0 support [ #00]
04/15 F Fixed os_info to backup its database on Windows [ #00]
04/15 F Fixed a potential crash in cs_clear ops when using UnrealIRCd [#1154]
04/16 F Fixed missing TS6SID on FJOIN in inspircd12 [ #00]
04/19 F Fixed ns_info to show nick expire times to opers not only admins[ #00]
04/28 F Fixed a bug that could make some nick requests disappear [ #00]
05/18 F Fixed English and grammar in e-mail messages [ #00]
05/23 F Fixed SQUITing juped servers on InspIRCd 1.2 [#1165]
06/15 F Fixed ./Config to correctly load config.cache [ #00]
06/24 F Fixed pseudo-client kills not being detected on some TS6 IRCDs. [ #00]
07/01 F Fixed encrypting very long passwords when registering [#1172]
08/03 F Fixed tracking users vhosts when there is no vhost mode [#1178]
08/05 F Fixed tracking of our clients after nick changing on InspIRCd [#1180]
09/10 F Fixed pseudo-clients always getting oper on InspIRCd. [ #00]

Provided by Han` - 2010
8/14 F Updated german language file. [ #00]


anope-1.8.5.tar.gz - c876b7b7cda916faecfb78068121df02

Anope-1.8.5.exe - 8c33d0b00bac7e9f48ef18123ca36448

Anope-1.8.5-MySQL.exe - 9d084c37486adcd74f1da42ff68d6d6b

Posted on 06 Feb 2011 by chaz (Read More...)