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Anope 2.0.7 Release

Anope 2.0.7 has been released, which contains bug fixes, and several new features.

The notable changes includes:

Fix not sending login data on successful NickServ GROUP
Fix m_httpd to not consider headers to be case sensitive
Add InspIRCd 3 protocol support
Add ā€˜nā€™ email token for use in the email change template
Add logging for NickServ UNGROUP
Fix setting swhois on UnrealIRCd
Add nickserv/recover permission to allow opers to recover other users
Fix superadmin not being removed when deopering
Fix setting nickserv access list in webcpanel
Add support for post-handshake SASL in Unreal 4.2.2+
Add logging for channel memo deletionso

All users are recommended to upgrade.

SHA256 Sum: 6ba33c20142fda89e0ca14dbb9cfec0c6dbacfde0af0f5611605f78f864121e5 anope-2.0.7.exe
SHA256 Sum: 4507d6c127b3bc5a95414217049e01e2b605b1f817d5519b8e5d03acebc5dbab anope-2.0.7-source.tar.gz

Posted on 03 Nov 2019 by Adam (Read More...)