Anope 2.0.13 Release

Anope 2.0.13 has been released, which contains mostly bug fixes but also a few translation updates.

The notable changes includes:

  • Fixed a crash on some compilers when trying to call methods on a null pointer
  • Fixed a crash when encountering an unterminated commented config block
  • Fixed erroneously rejecting spaces in fantasy:name
  • Fixed marking services pseudoclients as an oper on InspIRCd
  • Fixed not checking user@ip as well as user@host when logging into an operator account
  • Fixed setting the vhost/vident during SASL on UnrealIRCd
  • Updated the German translation
  • Updated the Italian translation

All users are recommended to upgrade.

SHA256 Sum: 9795d3041340b50233819c8c8e49e3f34dacd3bb4a81d3269adde358643fbf63 anope-2.0.13.tar.gz
SHA256 Sum: 3359d9dfedd3dec959b99af14925182d98b05598ab51518dc9b7916b6eaf1498 anope-2.0.13.exe

Posted on 03 Jun 2023 by Sadie