Anope 2.1.1 Release

Anope 2.1.1 has been released, which is the second release on our new development branch.

The notable changes include:

  • Added the UNBANME privilege to allow users to unban themselves.
  • Added the m_regex_stdlib module.
  • Fixed building on Windows systems without chgrp/chmod.
  • Fixed creating sockets in the m_dns, m_httpd, m_proxyscan, and m_redis modules.
  • Fixed reading the values of command line arguments.
  • Moved core privilege descriptions to the example configs.
  • Removed the m_regex_pcre module (use m_regex_pcre2 instead).
  • Updated the Italian translation.
  • Updated the Polish translation.

Users who want to test out new features are encouraged to upgrade. Before upgrading you may wish to take a backup of your databases and read the upgrading guide. If you encounter any incompatibilities that aren’t mentioned on this page then please open an issue.

SHA256 Sum: ba36579322158dc1076e07206aef11564fec60248e59b27eb83897590e67fe6d anope-2.1.1.tar.gz
SHA256 Sum: a36cb766778096b8c4596c39f1fbd09268247a350287ff484a597d7d9113e72b anope-2.1.1.exe

Posted on 04 Jan 2024 by Sadie