Anope 2.1.6 Release

Anope 2.1.6 has been released. This is a development release.

The most notable changes are:

  • Added opportunistic upgrading of TLS fingerprints to more secure algorithms on InspIRCd.
  • Added support for logging out partially connected users on Plexus.
  • Added the account registration time to nickserv/info.
  • Changed ns_cert to automatically add a TLS fingerprint to new accounts if available.
  • Clarified that a non-deprecated encryption module must be loaded.
  • Fixed creating the runtime directory on Windows.
  • Fixed mistakenly allowing badpasslimit to be set to a negative value.
  • Fixed parsing backup TLS fingerprints on InspIRCd.
  • Fixed parsing the flood mode on UnrealIRCd.
  • Fixed parsing the history mode on UnrealIRCd.
  • Fixed various iterator invalidation issues.
  • Partially rewrote the Portuguese translation.
  • Removed some incorrect strings from the Turkish translation.
  • Renamed the –modulesdir option to –moduledir to match the name of other path options.

The full change log can be found in the docs directory or on GitHub.

Users who want to test out new features are encouraged to upgrade. Before upgrading you may wish to take a backup of your databases and read the upgrading guide. If you encounter any incompatibilities that aren’t mentioned on this page then please open an issue.

SHA256 Sum: 1fe8805d79b5606c08e82677ab398289940b7ad6a6d63826efdeb4b097a9191c anope-2.1.6.tar.gz
SHA256 Sum: ef84473fe858cf711c1e1bc8153785ec33c137cad0e7c16b21afa4452c4233a0 anope-2.1.6.exe

Posted on 01 Jun 2024 by Sadie